You'll need some type of anchor to attach the stand-off to the wall. The type of anchor that you select will depend on whether you're mounting to dry wall, wood or concrete. The type shown here works well for most dry wall indoor applications.
An assembled and disassembled stand-off. Break down the parts to the cap, two vinyl gaskets, one sleeve with one of the two inserts screwed in flush, and the second insert with the support post in flush.
Mark where the holes go. You can accomplish this one of two ways. Use the panel itself as a template. This will take two people, one to hold the panel straight and the other to mark the top two holes. You can also use a tape measure and/or a laser level. The important thing is to measure twice and drill once, otherwise you'll find yourself patching up and maybe touching up some extra holes in your wall.
Once you're sure that you like the position of your panels and the anchor locations, drill the top two holes in accordance with the instructions for the anchors that you selected.
Prepare the bottom two locations by gently tapping in the two anchors.
Tighten the sleeve/insert combo using the screw supplied with your anchor. Be careful not to over tighten the screws.
The second insert should have the support post attached. Screw in the post just past flush.
Screw the insert/post combo to the sleeve.
The position should be just before flush.
Attach the vinyl gasket on the two posts.
Hang the acrylic panel by the top posts only. Be careful not to scratch the surface.
Mark the location of the bottom holes for the anchors, and repeat steps 4 through 9 for the bottom stand offs.
After mounting the panel on all four posts, add the outside vinyl gaskets.
Screw the four caps onto the posts.
Using a soft cloth, gently clean the panel. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCRATCH THE PANEL. Be sure to use a mild soapy mixture. Do NOT use cleaners with ammonia.

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