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Now that you're assembling a private art collection, it's important to keep your information private, so that your purchases are secure, safe, and sound. We believe a big part of the art experience is an exemplary customer experience, online, and in your home.

Let's get better acquainted.

Buying artwork online is fast and convenient with New Era Studios. By giving us basic information like your name, email address, mailing address, zip code, phone, and credit card numbers, we're able to process your purchases easier and offer you better customer service.

When we gather customer information, we're also able to keep track of the purchases you make for future transactions. It helps us seek out styles and designs that interest you, and to keep you abreast of trends and techniques that fit your personal taste and desires.

Securing precious art for your home.

New Era Studios is a secure site where you can safely provide information, purchase artwork, and view information. Our computer system uses software programs to monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or cause damage. If you ever have problems ordering or viewing information on our site, please contact us.

A New Era for the information age.

We use the information you provide to process requests for our products and services, to respond to your inquiries and to send you information about products and services we think you would like. Sometimes we use your information to notify you about subscriber agreement changes, to send you newsletters or promotional information, or to contact you about your account.

A New Era Studios promise: we will never sell your customer contact information. Your user information is only used as a profile to modify your needs and preferences. To protect your privacy and security, you will be asked to log in with a password to verify your identify before you can access to make corrections.

Cookies: a taste of high technology.

"Cookies" are data stored on your computer through a Web browser. This file allows our website to monitor a customer's use of the site. They tell us about your activity on the website; they do not tell us your email address or any information you don't provide. Passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential information are not stored. However, once your register on our site, the personal information you provide will be placed in these cookies.

Keeping you safe and sound.

Security and protection are important to us, and to you. As soon as you enter Checkout on our site, your screen becomes secure by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), translating your data into secret code that can only be read if you have access to a secret key or password. To make sure you are in a secure mode, the website address should begin with https:// rather than http://. Another way to check for a secure connection is to look for an icon in the lower left corner of your browser. If using Netscape, look for a key. Microsoft places a locked padlock there.

All secure information is stored on a computer not connected to the Internet. We do not share this information and it is not stored in any other location. If you still do not wish to enter your information online, call Customer Service at 877-321-3200. To ensure your complete privacy, please do not send any credit card information to New Era Studios through email or any comment forms.

Contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, contact us.

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New Era Studios
2101 E. St. Elmo Road, Suite 110
Austin, Texas 78744

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